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Sucrosomial Iron-based supplements for children. What are they for? What are the advantages?

The SiderAL® range of dietary supplements also includes some specific nutritional supplements for children based on Sucrosomial® Iron. Sucrosomial® Iron (Sideral® r.m.) is the result of years of research carried out by PharmaNutra laboratories with the aim of overcoming the problems related to the daily supplementation of oral iron.

In this article, we discover the advantages of Sucrosomial® Iron administration compared with traditional iron and which food supplements from the SiderAL® range can be useful in cases of deficiency or increased need for iron in children and adolescents.

Iron for children: when is it needed?

Iron is an essential mineral for normal cognitive development during childhood and adolescence. These periods in the life of each individual may require an increased body need for iron to support the rapid growth of the whole body. Iron also supports the normal development of the immune system and promotes the production of haemoglobin and myoglobin, proteins responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood and muscles. Iron is also a constituent of certain enzymes that regulate fundamental biochemical and metabolic functions of our body at all ages.

Source of iron for children

An adequate daily iron intake is of particular importance from the earliest stages of life. The primary sources of iron for the newborn body (and for all the first six months of life) are the deposits accumulated from the prenatal period and the milk (maternal or artificial). From weaning to prepubertal age and adolescence, iron requirements are supported by a varied and balanced diet that includes iron-rich foods such as turkey meat, liver, spleen, fish (tuna, mackerel), green leafy vegetables, legumes and grains. Fruit, especially the one rich in vitamin C (kiwi, citrus, pineapple), must also be included in the diet to overcome iron deficiency

When the diet is not sufficient to meet increased needs or in the presence of iron deficiency, it may be necessary to use iron-based dietary supplements to restore the body’s iron values to normal.

Sucrosomial® Iron-based dietary supplements for children: what are the advantages?

There are numerous iron-based nutritional supplements on the market. In most cases, these are supplements that contain inorganic iron salts. Such supplements are useful in cases of iron deficiency or increased need, but sometimes they can have some undesirable effects.

Sucrosomial® Iron (Sideral® r.m.), the result of years of research by PharmaNutra laboratories, may avoids the most common side effects normally associated with conventional iron supplementation (gastrointestinal disorders, heartburn, intestinal irritation, staining of mucous membranes and teeth). 

Another advantage of the administration of Sucrosomial® Iron is the taste: Sucrosomial® Technology patented by PharmaNutra, protects iron in the gastric environment and promotes its intestinal absorption, but, at the same time avoids the typical metallic aftertaste of iron and is therefore more easily accepted by children. 

Food supplements containing Sucrosomial® Iron for children from the SiderAL® range

The food supplements of the SiderAL® range are characterised by:

  • the presence of Sucrosomial® Iron with high absorption and high bioavailability;
  • excellent taste and high gastrointestinal tolerability;
  • easy to dose and administer to children thanks to the formulations in drops and sachets.

Supplements containing  Sucrosomial® Iron from the SiderAL® range, suitable for children and adolescents are SiderAL® Gocce, SiderAL® Gocce Forte, SiderAL® Bimbi containing Sucrosomial® Iron, Vitamin C and Group B Vitamins and SiderAL® ORO 14 containing Sucrosomial® Iron, Vitamin C and Group B Vitamins (specific formulation for young people and adolescents).

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