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The process

The Sucrosomial® Iron absorption process

Iron is an essential element for the body. It promotes the formation of haemoglobin and myoglobin, supports the immune system and normal cognitive function as well as supporting growth in children and adolescents. Part of the iron necessary to perform the normal functions of the body is introduced through diet.

Where is the iron absorbed through food?

The human body absorbs iron in the intestine, more specifically, in the duodenum. Part of the absorbed iron binds to ferritin, a protein that constitutes the main iron deposit in cells (especially in the liver, spleen and bone marrow), whilst another part of iron binds to transferrin and is transported to the various tissues of the body.

How is Sucrosomial® Iron absorbed?

Sucrosomial® Iron, an essential component of the SiderAL® range of nutritional supplements, passes through the stomach environment intact and is absorbed in the intestine. Sucrosomial® Technology, an exclusive patent of PharmaNutra, also guarantees pleasantly tasting iron, which is therefore easier to take even for long periods of time.

The scientific research carried out by PharmaNutra, in partnership with several Italian and foreign Universities, has shown that Sucrosomial® Iron is able to pass through the gastric acid environment intact, thanks to the protection provided by the Sucrosomial® matrix surrounding the iron pyrophosphate, enabling a greater amount of iron to become available for intestinal absorption.


The technology that guarantees the best absorption of Iron.

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