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Sucrosomial® Iron

Sucrosomial® Iron (Sideral® r.m.) is a preparation that, from a chemical structure point of view, contains iron pyrophosphate conveyed inside a phospholipid and sucrester matrix. This structure, as a whole, is known as Sucrosome®, which facilitates the protection, transport and absorption of iron in the body.

What are the characteristics of Sucrosomial® Iron?

Sucrosomial® Technology helps to protect, transport and increase the absorbtion of iron, an essential nutrient for the formation of haemoglobin contained in red blood cells (and therefore for the transport of oxygen in the blood), for the normal function of the immune system and for normal cognitive function.

The Sucrosomial® Iron contained in the products of the SiderAL® range, compared with the iron salts conventionally used within other nutritional supplements, is more resistant to the gastric environment and easier to absorb. Thanks to the presence of sucrose esters of fatty acids, the iron pyrophosphate present in SiderAL® products passes through the stomach environment, does not come into contact with the gastric mucosa and is then absorbed intact in the intestine. In this way, a greater effectiveness is achieved in the absorption and, at the same time, there is a greater gastrointestinal tolerability, given that the common discomforts related to iron intake, such as unpleasant metallic taste, stomach heaviness and irritation of the mucous membranes, are avoided.

Sucrosomial® Iron is a Pharmanutra patent.

What is Sucrosomial® Iron?

The nutritional supplements of the SiderAL® range are useful for addressing iron deficiencies or in cases of increased body needs for iron. The SiderAL® range includes food supplements containing Sucrosomial® Iron specifically for adults and others that can also be used by younger people.


The technology that guarantees the best absorption of Iron.

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