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The patent

Sucrosomial® Technology, patented by PharmaNutra, preserves, transports, protects and facilitates the absorption of certain nutrients that are very important for the human body, such as iron, magnesium, selenium, calcium, iodine and zinc. Sucrosomial® Technology applied to iron supplementation has led to the development of Sucrosomial® Iron, another exclusive PharmaNutra patent.

Sucrosomial® Iron (Sideral® r.m.), exclusive PharmaNutra patent

Sucrosomial® Iron (also known as Sideral® r.m.), forming the basis of the SiderAL® range of nutritional supplements, has been designed and patented by PharmaNutra to preserve, transport, protect and facilitate the intestinal absorption of orally administered iron.

Iron protected by a technology developed by PharmaNutra laboratories

The Sucrosome®, i.e., the complex of components enveloping iron (which, in the case of Sucrosomial® Iron contains iron pyrophosphate), consists of a phospholipid and sucrose esters of fatty acids matrix. Through this patented technology, iron is protected from the gastric environment and interaction with other nutrients and, more importantly, it is more easily absorbed in the intestine.

What are the advantages of Sucrosomial® Technology applied to oral iron supplementation?

Sucrosomial® Technology also overcomes the problem of poor intestinal iron tolerance. This element, which is associated with various gastrointestinal discomforts and problems such as digestive difficulties, heaviness, irritation of the mucous membranes, when enveloped by the sucrosomial matrix, is more tolerable for the body, as well as more easily assimilated.

The Sucrosomial® Iron (Sideral® r.m.) patent has enabled the development of a range of nutritional supplements that are useful for deficiencies or increased body iron requirements. The SiderAL® product range can be a valid help in all cases in which it may be necessary to integrate the intake of iron.


The technology that guarantees the best absorption of Iron.

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