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The research on Sucrosomial® Technology, underlying the success of the nutritional supplements of the SiderAL® range, has already found wide consensus in the scientific community, thanks to numerous publications in international journals dedicated to doctors and experts in the field.

The research carried out in the PharmaNutra laboratories continues to explore new nutritional supplements based on Sucrosomial® Technology which increasingly improve the absorption and bioavailability of many essential nutrients for the human body. In addition to iron, the main subject of study by PharmaNutra researchers, Sucrosomial® Technology is also currently being applied to other key elements, such as magnesium, calcium, iodine, selenium and zinc.

A unique and innovative delivery system that guides current and future research

Sucrosomial® Technology is an innovative and very promising nutrient transport and release system for the future. Introduced in 2010, in just one decade, Sucrosomial® Technology has revolutionised the mineral supplementation industry and is set to make a major impact on the food supplements industry in general.

In 2016, Sideral® r.m. (Sucrosomial® Iron) patent achieved a very important result: it was elected “Readers Ingredient of the Year” by the prestigious and authoritative trade magazine NutraIngredients.

Designed to improve gastrointestinal absorption and tolerability of iron, Sucrosomial® Technology is also proving to be a useful tool for the transport of many other essential nutrients for the body. The researchers of Alesco S.r.l, a company of the PharmaNutra S.p.A. group work every day to apply Sucrosomial® Technology to an increasing number of minerals and nutrients essential for the human body, using very scrupulous and increasingly advanced research techniques.


The technology that guarantees the best absorption of Iron.

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